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Card activities suitable for home and on the road. Learning in a fun way as a game, or learning objects, letters, numbers ...

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Price Kč41.67

Circle which word begins with the letter

Suitable for preschool children to recognize the first word in a word and also to develop vocabulary.
Circle which word begins with the letter

Cards on the ring to avoid getting lost, the size of one card smaller A5.

Price Kč33.33

Assigning pins to letters.

Find the animal's first letter from its name.

Price Kč33.33

Přiřazování kartiček k danému ročnímu období.

Přiřazování obrázků ideálně na suchý zip

Price Kč25.00

Assigning pins to letters.

Find the picture's first letter from its name.


Price Kč45.83

Assign images to a text card.

You can play with cards as a classic memory game, or assign images to a card with text.

Price Kč33.33

Jigsaw puzzle for counting up to 10.

The smallest skilful in this game will count and assign the right trees with the right number of decorations to the selected shadows.

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Price Kč16.67

vocabulary / number cards on COLORS
Variant in Czech or English language.
12 pictures / cards

Price Kč20.83

15 cards with census examples 1-5

From plasticine we create apples, which we put on the card according to specification

Price Kč33.33

Vocabulary and initial letters practice.

We assign images starting with a letter to one egg.

In total, the activity has 21 pairs of eggs.

On the eggs you will find pictures with spring motives, so it is also suitable for expanding vocabulary with new words.

Price Kč41.67


Traveling activities or just carrying it in your backpack

Animals on 3,4,5 and 6 letters

A total of 54 cards

Price Kč25.00

Pin Counting with Autumn Figures 1-10

Activity on counting, number recognition and fine motor development through peg work.

The child assigns a peg (or colored token, shell, smarties) to the correct number.

Total 40 cards

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