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Counting with Submarine

89 pages with examples on addition and subtraction up to 10, sequence of numbers + record sheets.

Set of materials for addition and subtraction up to 10.

Themed submarine.

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Cards suitable for classroom decoration and vocabulary expansion in Czech and English. Larger size to put on the board and see them when discussing the subject. The card always contains a picture and a Czech / English name.

It can also be used to practice reading and writing or ...

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Memory Game - Everyone knows this type of game. They will entertain even the smallest members of your family.

The rules of this game are simple, the memory game shuffles, and spreads out on the table. Players gradually turn pictures when a player finds two identical pictures, can take ...

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Hvězdičky se slovíčky - PROSÍM, DĚKUJI...

Volné hvězdičky k případnému dopsání požadovaných slov

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